about me

hello!! i'm nat, 21, they/them, white, eng/esp, etcetera. my personality type is infx; my birthday is april 4, making me an aries sun, pisces moon, and cancer ascendant. i'm a junior in college, majoring in biochem with a spanish minor. ask anytime for my kkt/skype/line/phone number! my only sns currently is twitter - if my account is locked, it's okay to request. feel free to DM whenever!


i mostly care about idols (faves listed here, but i like a lot more groups!), and i usually livetweet music/variety a lot. i do listen to a lot of other music; take a look at my last.fm or add me on apple music if ur interested. for other media i like pokemon, animal crossing, and some other games/tv shows/occasional kdramas.


✯ don't tell me if you dislike my interests & softblock instead of muting
i have ocd, so don't make fun if i'm upset even if it seems silly
✯ i like most tweets on my timeline as i read them
✯ i may rt tweets in korean/japanese but i'm not a reliable translator~
✯ just because i use gendered terms for myself doesn't mean u can