about this website!

since i'm in some webrings and stuff now, here's an explanation!

i started this as a replacement for my listography as an "about me" page, but it's kind of grown since then to celebrate all kinds of things i'm interested in. i also like to test code on it, so it's constantly under construction- too often to make update posts, probably. obviously i'm not that good at coding, most of these pages only use obsolete code, but i hope to improve ^_^

most of the site's contents are idol-related because my main interest as of now is kpop/jpop. if that's not interesting to you, i hope you enjoy the graphics lol

if you'd like to know more about my areas of expertise than my info.html will tell you, feel free to request me on twitter! as of right now, that's the only social network i'm comfortable on (hence the excessive work put into a personal webpage). please check out the guidelines if you do follow me!

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